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15 Years Serving our Comunity
Certified / Licenced Pet Stylist
Dog Grooming/ Cat Grooming
5 full Time Groomers

  CJ's Grooming Salon

Where we Love your pets the way you do.
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Dog Grooming. I love what I do. I have dedicated my life to the care of our community pets. Please enjoy my pictures and on my Facebook page. CJs Grooming Salon

All of you pets get a full service Grooms. This includes...

  •  nail buffing (this get the nails shorter than clipping and is safer for your pet)
  • ear cleaning (we pull all excess hair and swab ears clean)
  • anal glands
  • undercoat removal ( this is the hair that is all over your house)

All of these services are free with all baths and grooms

Grooms include all of these free services plus  a hair cut of your choice. Let my fifteen years experience create a pleasant grooming experience. I have hand trained 4 Groomers to assist you just as I would.

We must charge more for pets that need extra attention for time, sever matting and dematting. We must take care of your pet properly without causing harm to your baby.