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  CJ's Grooming Salon

Where we Love your pets the way you do.
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schnauzer hair cut
We always make sure your pet gets everything they need to help the pet look and feel their best. These include... At no extra cost to you.
*Nails+ Buffing (gets the nails shorter than clipping, plus is safer) 
*Ears Clean + Hair Removal
*All Natural Shampoos

*Under Coat Removal (this is the hair all over your house)
*Anal Gland expression
At CJs.....
You are supporting six families and A disabled Vet.
puppy cut / dog grooming

Dog Grooms + bath

$45 Small

$55 Medium

$65 Large

$80 X Large

$95 XX Large

$120 XXXL

Baths only short hair

$25 Small

$35 Medium

$45 Large

$55 X Large

$65 XX Large

Baths only- Long Hair

$40  Small

$50 Medium

$60 Large

$75 X Large

$90 XX Large


$45 Bath only

$65 Grooms + bath

(De-matting and hair cuts are grooms)


We only charge extra for pets that require large quantities of extra time for sever matting and De-matting and or extra time to train your baby. We want to take care your baby right and keep the grooming experiences as positive as possible.

poodle full service groom
Individual Services
Teeth Brushing $10
Nail Buffing $15
Anal Glands $10
Nail Painting $10
Hair Dye per section $15
Full Small Hair Dye $30
Full Large Hair Dye $50
Ear Cleaning $15